• Research FAQ

    Click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions about IONS Research.

  • Psi-Related Evidence

    Critics are fond of saying that there is no scientific evidence for psi. They wave their fists in the air and shout, "Show me the evidence!" In less dramatic cases a student might be genuinely curious and open-minded, but unsure where to begin to find reliable evidence about psi. In response to this, IONS Chief Scientist Dean Radin has compiled a growing list of downloadable PDF peer-reviewed journal publications on psi research mostly from the 21st century, plus other resources.

  • Meditation Bibliography

    Click here to access a fully searchable, regularly updated database of over 4000 citations to publications on the science of meditation.

  • Mapping the Field of Subtle Energy Healing

    This web resource serves as a selective literature review, highlighting the subtle energies and energy healing modalities that have been evaluated experimentally. Each overview comprising the resource presents a brief description of a particular therapeutic modality or group of modalities, including background on the origins of the modalities for readers completely unfamiliar with them. The overviews also include a summary of the theories that have been put forth to explain the mechanism of action underlying the purported efficacy of each modality. Additionally, a description of the procedures that healers undergo when administering the treatments are presented in layperson’s language. Finally, results of published scientific reports on each modality are summarized such that readers can get a sense of the current state of the research. A bibliography is included for the reports summarized.

  • Compassionate Intention, Prayer, and Distant Healing

    We know our minds play a role in our own healing, but do our intentions affect the healing of others - even at a distance? Click here to learn about the fascinating history of the science of distant healing, from the earliest pioneers through the cutting edge researchers of today. Through interviews, experiential exercises and readings, consider different cultural views of healing with practitioners from around the world and scientific research on this intriguing topic.

  • Spontaneous Remission

    Spontaneous remission has been defined as "the disappearance, complete or incomplete, of a disease or cancer without medical treatment or treatment that is considered inadequate to produce the resulting disappearance of disease symptoms or tumor." Click here to find one of the world’s largest collections of cases of spontaneous remission, compiled by Caryle Hirshberg and the late Brendan O'Regan, along with additional resources to explore this topic.

  • Living Deeply

    For over a decade, researchers at IONS have investigated processes by which people make significant shifts in the way they experience themselves and view the world, focusing in particular on positive transformations of consciousness, or those that result in improved health and well-being; a greater sense of meaning, purpose, and belonging; and becoming oriented around taking engaged action to make the world a better place. Click here to learn more about our award-winning book Living Deeply: The Art and Science of Transformation in Everyday Life (New Harbinger, 2008), and our Living Deeply workshops, courses, online community, and continuing research in this area.

  • Consciousness and Healing

    In 2005, we published Consciousness and Healing: Integral Approaches to Mind Body Medicine (Elsevier) with an accompanying DVD. This book, which has become an accepted textbook in many medical, nursing, and allied health programs throughout the country, takes "mind/body medicine" to the next level, one that integrates mind, emotion, and spiritual dimensions fully into our understanding of how the body works in health and illness. In this section we offer information about the book, essays, video clips and online resources.