Online Activities


Online Activities

Online Games

Blending scientific research with internet technology, IONS Chief Scientist Dean Radin has developed online games that test individuals' psi abilities. By participating in the games below, you can help provide data that is used in our research on consciousness.

The Garden of Dreams

(requires Adobe Flash plugin -- will not work on iPads)

The Garden of Dreams is a suite of free online psi tests, embedded within an adventure-type game, that allows web users to test and explore their psi abilities. The game tracks individual performance and provides a Hall of Fame with which to compare each person's ability against all other players.

The tests are designed so they can be automatically adjusted to match the performance level of each user, thus providing a constantly challenging game that may be useful in training intuitive skills.

Gaia's Dreams

Gaia's Dreams is an experiment based on Carl Jung's concept of the collective unconscious. It is designed to gather and analyze collective dream quality and content, and to provide reports on emerging trends based on aspects of those dreams.

This site will eventually perform daily automated cross-dream linquistic and quality analyses. Ultimately the goal is to correlate collective dreams with world events, including natural and unnatural disasters, to see if collective dreams are predictive.

This experiment was partially motivated by reports of unusual dreams prior to 9/11 and the tsunami of December 2005, and by hundreds of historical cases of precognitive dreams. Data collected on this site will help us discern whether such dreams are truly precognitive.

The Halls of Healing

(requries Adobe Flash plugin -- will not work on iPads)

The Halls of Healing are three free online games that test the roles of intention, attention, and intuition in intentional healing.

  • The intention game asks you to mentally "heal" a cartoon person.
  • The attention game tests your ability to perceive when and where something happens, or is about to happen.
  • The intuition game sees how well you can guess a cartoon patient's "medical condition."

Intuition Test

The Intuition Test is designed to see if you can accurately sense whether a person is presently alive or deceased based upon your intuition. The test takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete, and it consists of a total of 160 photos.

Online Experiment

Contribute to IONS research and our understanding of consciousness by participating in an online experiment at Got PSI?.

Share Your Experiences

Contribute to IONS research by sharing your experiences using the online surveys listed below.

Transformation Survey

The Transformation Survey is part of ongoing studies by researchers at the Institute of Noetic Sciences looking into the nature of transformations in consciousness, and experiences, practices, and other factors involved in the transformative process. Your responses to this survey will be used to help researchers learn more about how people transform, and the practices and activities that foster transformation.

We hope that responding to this questionnaire will be an interesting experience for you and will provide an opportunity to reflect in depth on your experiences and insights. We estimate it will take between 30 and 60 minutes to complete, depending on how detailed your responses are and how much time it takes you to answer the multiple-choice questions. The survey will ask you to describe a transformative experience, and will ask you many questions about your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and background.

You may also read other people's Transformational Stories.

Awe Survey

Are you familiar with the feeling of awe? If yes, then the IONS research team would like to know about your experience. If you'd like to share your experience of awe, please fill out our awe survey.

Shaktipat / Spiritual Transmission Survey

Have you ever been the recipient of a shaktipat energy transmission from a recognized spiritual teacher? If you'd like to share your experience of spiritual transmission with our research team, please fill out our shaktipat survey.