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I'm a shaman/medium/telepathic animal communicator, who is disabled now and unable to work any longer.

I spend my time on pain control through biofeedback, meditation, and physical therapy that is a whole level of pain all to itself lol. My sciatic nerve is half-way severed, and irreparable. So I take my days slow, and happy to be a mom to two wonderful cats, named Apache and Bri, as well as my entire astral family from which the joys of being a mom have never stopped after they transformed from flesh into astral only. Calling them The Astrals doesn't change that they were all cats and Chinese dwarf hamsters, and my children. Since I am a trained telepathic animal communicator and also a medium, my life is rich with children, other things I enjoy, and tacking my disability hoping to learn how to maximize the lot I've drawn in life.

My areas of interest over the years include mysticism and consciousness studies, mindful meditation, animal behavioral enrichment, interspecies communication, shamanism, yoga, eco-burial, psi, and transpersonal psychology. I've also worked in the dotcom industry, tech support, in data management, and libraries. I've volunteered as an Assistant Girl Scout Leader, an Eucharistic minister, and in a wildlife rehab hospital. My enrichment experience now opens up into "Playcare for Pets" an idea I tinker with at home while my children enjoy their lives :)

If you'd like, go visit my homepage:
I personally find it to be a very entertaining place to surf.

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