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Early Background: “Silver Spoon ?” - Raised amidst large commercial farming and agri-business operated by extended family(s) owners in Southern Ontario, Canada.

1975 - (age 20): “Smart ?” - Achieved Diploma and Degree in Agriculture and Degrees in Business and Arts, in Guelph and Toronto, Canada.

1975 - 1985: “Non-Conformist” - quickly learned that formal education was merely glorified waste of time; dumped it, ventured into real estate investment speculation, acquired chain of retail footwear, franchised fast food outlets, ready-mix concrete plant, and retail flower stores.

“Scales of Justice ?” - Served 6 year Federal prison sentence for arson, subsequently settled with government as wrongful conviction, resulted in 2 corrupt Federal (RCMP) being dismissed, re-located to Australia and permanently barred from re-entering Canada.

1985 -1990: “Opportunist ?” - into resort properties and destination developments in California, Hawaii, Texas Gulf Coast, and Whistler-Blackcomb, British Columbia.

1990 - 1995: “Commerce Sucks ?” - discovered international investment banking. Together with 6 friends, we quickly and efficiently lost many millions of dollars to corrupt bankers, who although admitted stealing over $600 million and were found guilty, were not required to serve prison time or to repay us.

1995 - 2000: “Growing Up ?“- After 3 divorces and 2 bankruptcies, sold most of remaining business ventures, and donated several million to international humanitarian organizations.

2000 - 2010: “Truth Rocks !” - Worked with several associates to research and investigate the true original intent and meaning of the Bible. Spent several hundred thousand dollars locating, authenticating and acquiring copies of the oldest known original Hebrew Scriptures. Spent several hundred thousand more dollars to have 3 world-renowned Hebrew linguistic scholars perform independent, blind, English transliterations of the work, on a paragraph by paragraph basis. Only when all 3 of them came with an identical or equivalent English meaning for a paragraph of text, did we then move to the next.

2010 - present (age 57): “Humility !” - Released publication of “NIBEV”, Natural Israelite Bible, English Version, the only known English transliteration preserving the original intended meaning of the original written Word. Here we have TRUTH which is so very unlike traditional Copy-Righted Bibles - it provides the answers we all inherently seek.

NIBEV and its companion book, A New Mind are available at:

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