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Marilyn Schlitz and I were co-experimenters and presented our research paper "Remote-Viewing: A Conceptual Replication of Targ and Puthoff" at the 22nd Annual Conference of the Parapsychological Assn. in 1979!
I've since been involved in the business world, with marine mammal research (cognition & behavior), education (MA in Teaching), autism research(as a parent) and mom-hood.
Strong interests in spiritual study, evolution of consciousness, mind-body connections, and reconciliation of science and religion. Oh - and I'm a Sci-Fi/Fantasy geek: Live Long and Prosper! May the Force be With You!

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  • Happy 80th Birthday Edgar Mitchell! Sep 17, 2010

    Dear Edgar ~ Many happy returns of the day! Wishing you blessings of light , love, and laughter ~ with deepest gratitude, Stephanie

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