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I am a 57 year old Pediatrician/Neuroscientist who started out researching near death experiences. Pim van Lommel and I published the only prospective studies of near death experiences in the literature, his in adults and mine in children.

I have written four books on near death experiences, most recently in 2002 "Where God Lives". This is my theory of the "god spot", that area in the right temporal lobe and hippocampus which permits us to access the all information timeless spaceless domain best known as "god". Mario Beauregard has replaced this "god spot" concept with a more generalized "god brain" in his 2006 book "The Spiritual Brain".

I currently am researching the neuroscience and clinical aspects of nonlocal perceptions. I have an upcoming paper in J Alt Comp Med on Reiki and its effect both on the white count of a neutropenic patient and the data stream of a true random number generator. We also have completed a study documenting that we can remote view virueses in plants, as a precurser to viewing viruses such as AIDS in human patients.

My wife and I are one of the few civilian remote viewing teams in the country. I have the honor of being trained by the BIG THREE of remote viewing, Paul Smith, Lyn Buchanan and Stephan Schwartz.

My current interest in publishing small studies in the mainstream medical and scientific research literature.

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