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Born, raised & living in Israel. Single, never married.Travelled twice around the Globe. A shy, introverted, lonely Loner. Sort of an Alien, not knowing What am I doing here in this World, and Why.Having an Innate passion for Sacred-Geometry = The Flower of Life, Mandalas, Fractals, Quantum Physics, MetaPhysics, Cosmology, Spirituality, The Paranormal, Mysticism, Gnosticism, New-Age, 2012...and much more. I used to work in Hotels front-office as receotionist & cashier, mainly as night-auditor. Currently - unemployed. In my Innermost - despite my age - I'm still a hurt child, YEARNING for FEMININE TOUCH, WARMTH, TENDERNESS & LOVE.

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  • Happy 80th Birthday Edgar Mitchell! Sep 16, 2010

    Happy Birthday dear Edgar! Thank you for your great aweinspiring contribution to a new paradigm, one that puts CONSCIOUSNESS on ...

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