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Hello, Everyone - I'm a major IONs fan. I had the pleasure of flying to Petaluma for a conference and was thrilled to meet Marilyn and Dean and some of the other fabulous IONS staff. My passion in life is finding answers to the Big Questions.I won't list 'em because I'm sure everyone everyone reading this knows what they are. I am an RN and a Professor in the Department of Nursing at York College in York, PA. I don't know whether there are other IONS members in my area, but if there are, I would sure like to meet them. Currently, I'm trying to learn William Bengston's healing method, from his Book, The Energy Cure, and the companion CD. Of of my goals is to meet Dr. Bengston and possibly try to replicate some of his work in our biology lab. I have two wonderful sons who suspect that Mom is a bit addled, but that's OK. I know who will have the last laugh!

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