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A woman, raised in Milwaukiee, moved to Houston Texas and most recently to Austin Tx. Love animals and nature. Currently a public speaking evangelist (teacher/coach). My tagline is "You Are Entitled To My Opinion". I tend to be direct since biting my tongue hurts. I love Maxine, the snarky senior of Hallmark Shoebox fame. My daily focus is mindfulness and being the observer.

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  • Outside the box Feb 04, 2012

    UUUUUUU, I am enjoying the possibility of "The Amusement Park of Conceptual Thought". That is a fantabulous! Process addictions such ...

  • Outside the box Feb 03, 2012

    As I grow older, I continue "to know that I don't know" and that no one else does either ...

  • SEX, BIRHT AND DEATH Mar 09, 2011

    My belief in this moment is that sexual energy is "divine" energy..."soul" energy ...

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