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Because of an enlightenment experience, I learned that the identity that the world taught me to believe myself to be is nothing more than a fictional character.

Through years of meditation and self reflection I learned to access the part of the brain that connects us to a Universal Intelligence I call Source.

Basically I have built a rainbow bridge of consciousness awareness over which I pass, back and forth, to gain insights into the nature of reality and the reality of nature which I seek to share with others.

I have learned what the universe is and how it works, at least from the perspective of third dimensional consciousness awareness, however, I am aware that everything I have learned is subject to change because consciousness awareness becomes less distorted in each successive higher dimension.

I have consciously chosen to become a messenger for this Source, however, I do not claim to be in any way special or infallible, therefore I suggest that you use your own discernment to gain your own insights and understandings from my messages, as you choose.

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