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With an unusual blend of simple gift and formal training, DR. HELEN STEWART explores present and future potentialities for companies and individuals very quickly through an intuitive process she calls Seven Second Decision Making.

Helen’s non-traditional profession actually follows a long academic career at universities in Massachusetts, California, and New Jersey. Outside the university she was a management consultant; a radio personality; a simultaneous interpreter in French; a rural sociologist with the United Nations Development Program; an international Lecturer through the U.S. Information Service; and an arbitrator and mediator for businesses and non-profit organizations. She is fluent in French, and lived and worked outside her native USA for about eight years.

Alongside her traditional academic preparation (earned Ph.D, Brandeis University; post-doc, Harvard University; A.B & M.A., Boston University), Helen has studied metaphysics all of her life and was trained in various modalities by many teachers over the past 40 years. She is also an ordained minister. She believes that intuitive decision making is fundamentally a liberal art, available on demand to any who simply pay attention. Helen has learned to pay attention.

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