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Dr. Dianna Wuagneux holds a Ph.D. International Relations and offers expertise and 20 years of experience in development, conflict resolution, reconciliation, counterinsurgency, and the design and assessment of policies/programs in fragile states and nations in transition. Currently she is advising/training for US DoS/DoD/ISAF in conflict mitigation and stabilization techniques, social/economic development, crisis recovery, policy analysis & advisement.

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  • After Life Encounters... Feb 16, 2012

    Some good research on all types of afterlife experiences has come out of the ASPR - founded circa 1888 by Harvard ...

  • After Life Encounters... Feb 12, 2012

    Whatever these things are – reincarnation, souls that linger somehow, I just wish the phenomena was acceptable to discuss/explore with ...

  • After Life Encounters... Feb 12, 2012

    Hi Bechamel,
    Yes; my name is a mouthful, but easy to pronounce (Wuagneux = one-you); but, Dianna is easier :-)
    My brother ...

  • After Life Encounters... Feb 11, 2012

    If you haven't read any of Raymond Moody's work, I would suggest it...very interesting. "Start with Life ...

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