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My name is Paco and you can aswell see
my wife Marian and my son Max .
( bond of souls).

I have always considered myself a jack of all trades, and a citizen of the world. This has so far allowed me to harmless work and travel this wonderful world .

I am also very skilled at learning foreign languages, and both my travelling and professional experience, allow me to communicate (speak and write) in 5 different languages. However, pure necessity, has taught me to say HELLO, THANKS and PLEASE in more than 15 languages.

Always aware and conscious, that non verbal communication represents more than 65% of the actual message we want to transmit, for years, I could not help but wonder…Why is there not an international non verbal communication code?

And the thing is, no matter if - worst scenario – the Scientific theory that postulates a “global fritting” of all electronic devises due to solar storms and other tecky and ecologyc threats, we are leaning too much on technology, and tend to forget the boundaries that produce communication and encounter between people.
We need solutions to reconnect not only to nature but to our authentic selves.

If we add the need of jesting and miming when we travel this global valley ,and our good old English Is not enough, I firmly believe, that this new international non verbal communication code, is a must and ones is introduced in people`s conscience and day by day habits, the results can be a miracle.

Another world is not just possible , it is happening

Thanks to the noetic approach , this project makes more sense , and I feel home among you guys.

This simple and effective tool for the World is alive and waiting for you with open arms.

If you have any idea or imput towards this global venture ,please e mail at and stay tune for future teleseminars ,shift videos workshops and bests practices in the folowing web page.

please copy and paste this link.

God bless you all .

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