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I am a Geomatics Technician with a specialization in Cartography. I currently work for Municipal Gov't. in Engineering & Public Works mapping infrastructure and designing databases.

My previous work career before entering the world of Geomatics was in the Natural Health Industry. I studied at the International Academy of Natural Health Sciences in Ottawa, specializing in Herbalism & Iridology with hopes of becoming a Naturopath. This did not come to fruition however as my thirst for travel took me away from my studies after only 3 years to fight the good fight as an activist with Greenpeace International.

I discovered IONS through my participation with Lynne McTaggarts' Intention Experiments and soon found that many of the authors I have read and loved over the past 20 or so years are involved with IONS.

I am grateful that the organization exists and look forward to a day where perhaps I can contribute something worthy to their research and cause.

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  • True dreams Jan 21, 2011

    I too had one (and only one) experience which I consider time or astral travelling while dreaming. In short, I ...

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