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About Youngbear Roth, RYT/CYT

Youngbear Roth RYT/CYT

Yoga teacher (ret.); Integral Yoga therapist; Academic science reasearch in mental health through the Nat'l Assoc. for Advancement in Psychoanalysis; East-West Journalist since 1972.

Primary Teaching Influence: Integral Yoga/Vedanta/Zen/Philosophical Taoism

Secondary Teaching Influence: Classical Yoga/Transpersonal & Jungian Analysis/Zazen.

Professional Summary

* "Youngbear Studio of Eastern Arts & Sciences takes as our Eastern orientation the Integral Yoga philosophy of Sri Aurobindo, and as our European orientation the work of Dr. Carl Gustav Jung."

Youngbear Roth works with long term clinical pathologies (Clinical Depression & Chronic Pain Management) by using Hatha Yoga moving meditation (asanas), and seated Tantric meditation methods (Pranayama, Zazen, and Taoistic modalities) to explore and apply the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection changing the student/patient's world-view and self-image. Youngbear uses Vedic or Buddhist concepts with Yoga subtle energy manipulation as a foundation for creating transpersonal statements.

*"When spirit is manifest as humanity, dharma includes two realities, the universe as it is, and the universe as it is perceived to be. Maya is not an illusion, it is realizing only one half of the truth."


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"I teach and work in the style of my own seventeen year student-teacher relationship with eden ahbez. The bottom line of this style is 'Integral Yoga' in the broadest sense of establishing a well-rounded foundation on multiple levels - philosophical, spiritual, and physical.

Further influences on goals that I hold for my practice, patients, and students are - Ken Wilber, Alice Miller, Fritz Capra, Huston Smith, the philosophical East-West/Hindu-Christian bridge espoused by Paramahansa Yogananda ...others."

RYT(Ret.)/Int'l Yoga Alliance; CYT/Int'l Assoc. Yoga Therapists; Academic Research Scientist in Mental Health [Yoga, Clinical Depression & Long Term Pathologies]/ Nat'l Assoc. Advancement of Psychoanalysis.

"After several years, I have retired my teacher's regestration with the International Yoga Alliance. I have a teaching grid of over 7000 hours and thirty years."

Usui Reiki Master - Youngbear is the sixth Usui reiki master in his American lineage. After twenty years of Zazen, he studied subtle energy manipulation for two and a half additional years under Reiki Master Arleta Soares, who was directly attuned by Reiki Master Joyce Morris of the Japanese Usui lineage.

"I have been in private complementary practice since 1972. I specialize in Abuse and Self-image Pathology, Clinical Depression, and long term pathologies with numerous papers published in the Yoga and Mental Health fields."

Biographical Statement
"Because I am a visual artist and writer, most of my students have been arts teachers and creative integrative therapists seeking a hands-on method of practice to expand their own interior creative network and an instructive method to bring this creative modality into their environment."

Youngbear Roth, resides with his wife of thirty-five years in Los Angeles, California where he has penned recent essays on touch therapies and energy healing for Massage Magazine and the peer-reviewed Journal of Health and Caring, and the diversity of yoga theory and philosophy in and out of the studio for Crescent Magazine, Mystic Pop Magazine, LA Yoga Magazine, and Tathaastu Magazine. Youngbear's research papers are in the databases of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis.

Youngbear Roth has published past feature articles and essays in Quest Journal (Theosophical Society in America and India); Mediphores Literary Journal of the Medical Professions; Journal of Yoga; LA Yoga Magazine; NYC Medical School Literary Review; Mystic Pop Magazine; others...

"My work has been presented at CSUN along with the documentary film production 'Youngbear in Session at CSUN'."

When he is not manning the executive editor's desk or working in the author's chair, Youngbear has consulted with and trained physicians and patients at Cedars Sinai Medical Center of Los Angeles and Reseda Hospital in the science of touch and energy therapies and Yoga modalities.

Youngbear Roth founded YOGA IN SCIENCES & HUMANITIES for in 2010.

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