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Born and raised in S.F.. Lived there during the 60's.
Have always been Spiritual, hearing, smelling, seeing, and ET friends.
Spent my whole life growing and learning my gifts and honing them. I have gone through soo many cycles in this life.
I started telling people when I was young about the spirits talking to them. I would use past life gifts, such as putting my little sister against the wall and throwing steak knives at her, never hit her or even thought I would hit her. She went along with it? I could fly through the air off the top of the fireplace and land on a bed across the room.
I had no idea how dangerous and insane that was. I was fearless. That was my protection..
Now I am clear what my purpose is. I am here to bridge the gap between being a regular Human being and an amazing Lightworker. I am here to teach and tell the secrets to those who will listen with good intentions. White Light. To grow and pass on the knowledge.

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