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Like so many, I’m a life-long experiencer of the mystical and an energy intuitive, sensing from a young age that something was not “right” with this world where so many suffer. I’ve been on a conscious spiritual path since 1992, studying many views and modalities. The quest to “Know Thyself” brought me to the work of Edgar Cayce, vibrational healing, and to the exquisite A Course in Miracles. I now share about humanity’s partly-veiled psyche (split/dual-mind or Amnesia of Oneness) that caused us to forget Oneness and has led to needless suffering. Together, we explore tools for awakening the mind that Masters have offered for generations. I am also a vibrational intuitive, as we all are. Words are only beneficial as a beginning to help our heart-mind focus and attune to the Still Core of Peace for guidance to gracefully dance through our moments.

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