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I hold a Master's of Social Work from the State University of New York at Buffalo. I currently work in law enforcement and hope to retire in a few months. I am also a natural medium, and want to finally share my mediumship with many others. I currently give readings, but only part-time mostly via word-of-mouth.

I live in Santa Cruz, California, in a nice 55+ mobile home park. I am not involved in the New Age community and am very low-key and few people actually know about me. Most people would never guess what I do.

I have read for numerous people, though, (word-of-mouth is very powerful), but except for a website I recently put up (at the urging of others), I do not advertise. I am happy to answer questions.

I also have a 21-year-old daughter currently attending Kyushu University, School of Economics, in Fukuoka, Japan. I was a single parent and I am so proud that my daughter is such a great kid! :D

I spend most of my time working full-time (until retirement soon -- yippee!), and then I do hope that I can help others with this gift. I never realized what I actually had until all these TV shows and movies came out and seeing enough scam artists and people who don't seem to have the gift, that I now feel guilty for not putting myself out there.

And that's it. I'm just a woman living in a mobile home in Santa Cruz, and I try to get to the beach for healing moments when I can. I have two cats (oh, dear, I do seem so stereotypically like an old woman - lol), and I like to garden with my brown thumb! :D

I am fascinated by "real" psychic phenomena, and am very turned off by "wannabes." So, I just kind of do what I do on my own, although I have wanted to be part of more research.

I hope I get to visit the Institute after I retire in February. I would love to finally let this out in the open and utilize it...if it is meant to be.

Thanks, everyone, and I am enjoying reading the discussions! :)
Sharon Tenney

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