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Douglas J. Romero, M.D. is currently the Medical Director of the Centro de Mejoramiento Personal at San Juan, Puerto Rico, a clinic dedicated to providing holistic healthcare in the fields of psychiatry and sexual medicine. He obtained the degree of doctor in medicine from the University of Puerto Rico Medical Scieninces Campus. He then comlpleted a residency program in psychiatric medicine from the University of Virginia. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. He is part of the Colgeio de Medicos Cirujanos de Puerto Rico, co-writing the rules governing the practice of complementary and alternative medicine for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. He also completed reiki levels I-III.

Dr. Douglas Romero provides services in psychotherapy, medicaton management, hypnosis, and past life therapy. He has interests in consciousness research and sciences. He provides workshops in past life regression and reiki.

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