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Left Brain Issues:
CPA; SEC's Series 7 & 63; Past chairman of one and executive director for two public pension system turnaround assignments; Private practice as business intervention consultant for over 500 US based consultants; Creator and business developer of the first performance based trading system (operating over the NYSX) for institutional directed trades.

Current Work:
Cofounder of ATICA, Inc. an international timber consulting firm that assists investors to increase risk adjusted ROI yields on their plantations, sawmills, remanufacturing and marketing channels; Designs and builds new and retrofits existing sawmills.

Current Path of Passion:
As a result of a number of very expansive experiences (OBE’s) I am currently delivering workshops that reveal the five working models of how our mind’s matrix is “contextually organized”, how our mind’s “content” is patterned, programmed, and processes electromagnetic stimuli from our sensory receptors and how “we all” unconsciously transform those energy streams into the our working reality of emotions, behaviors and the life quality we create … or dis-create. In other words … “A Quest to Understand the Science of the Emergent Fields of the Creative Mind.

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