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My new album, Frontier, is available on my website:
(also available in iTunes & Amazon)

Jesse Pikorz is genderqueer musician, philosopher of consciousness, and spiritual seeker, looking to create a network of ideas and thinkers in the frontiers of human experience. He performs transformative, full moon folk-rock celebrations of queer consciousness and spirituality.

With a BS in Physics from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, currently pursuing a MA in Consciousness and Transformative Studies at John F. Kennedy University, Jesse leads The Interiority Project for the study of consciousness, and is the co-host of "The Kinky Show," as well as a workshop facilitator for The Sacred Inferno, a discussion group for consciousness and sexuality.

Jesse created The Interiority Project as an intellectual organization devoted to making headway into the "hard problem" of consciousness. A BRAND NEW language and paradigm are needed in order to delve into the uncharted territory of studying consciousness. Through the Project, his primary goals are to design and implement a new language and to explore the study of consciousness, while remaining open to new ideas. As a "frontier person," Jesse hopes to pioneer the field of consciousness, pushing ontological and epistemological boundaries into new ways of thinking about consciousness and its relationship with the physical universe.

As a pioneer he also explores the uncharted territory of taboo sexuality. As a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, Jesse has a firsthand perspective into the taboo topic of BDSM, and why people engage in these paradoxical practices to find deeply intense, ritualistic spiritual meaning.

As a cultural innovator in the BDSM world, Jesse created, wrote, and co-hosted "The Kinky Show," a weekly television series providing lectures and discussions on the historical, educational, philosophical, and spiritual aspects of culturally taboo sex practices. The Kinky Show is available on YouTube.

With a highly enthusiastic blend of teaching, leadership and project designing, Jesse developed "The Sacred Inferno: A Discussion Group for Consciousness and Sexuality" as the workshop facilitator. Within this project he coordinates and organizes workshops, leads group meditations, and facilitates group discussions of cooperative inquiry.


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    Jim Centi, you mention one idea of how one is "a multidimensional entity that is becoming aware of its multidimensionality ...

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