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    The frontiersmen will forge ahead, be it bravely or fearfully. Few will regret it, as those that fear can so ...

  • Access to the InterGel Feb 13, 2012

    Thanks, Slowlygetnthar, better put than I have it.
    Very pertinent to my query, I have just come across this from ...

  • Access to the InterGel Feb 10, 2012

    Jim Centi,
    Thanks for that. Take care.
    While it is fascinating that Science is in the process of nibbling away ...

  • Access to the InterGel Feb 09, 2012

    Dear IONS team - does nobody there have any answers about the questions posed? Any thoughts for guidance to those of ...

  • The Richard Dawkins Foundation (and skeptics) Jan 17, 2012

    Long before I had heard of IONS, I asked Dawkins to comment on the exciting speculations and investigation into the ...

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