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About Rajalakshmi K.

Dr.Raji ( a medical doctor by training and a Gifted Healer by Calling. Her Clients and Patients have included Movie Star Celebrities, the Iconic Superstar Rajinikanth , Padmabhushan and Padmashree Awardees, National Award Winners,Scientists from BARC and IITs, CEOs of Companies, Medical and Surgical Superspecialists in the forefront of Today's Medicine.In 2009, she was featured on CNN-IBN where she channelled a Healing Miracle that was verified by doctors. Her Signature Workshop-'Enlightened Entrepreneurship' helps Entrepreneurs Thrive in Authentic Abundance and this was presented to Entrepreneurs from Africa, Sponsored by the United Nations.She is considered the go-to person for healing Autism and ADHD and Author of the E-Book : How to Heal Autism and ADHD in 30 Days :The Phenomenally Powerful Breakthrough Of Intent Healing ™.She is the Founder of Heal Autism Now Foundation, and Sowjanya Centre for Holistic Healing ,Country Contact in India for IONS, Institute of Noetic Sciences ,a California based NGO, Life Coach, Conscious Parenting Coach and a Consultant in Energy Medicine with more than 15 years of experience in Remote Healing and Remote Sensing.

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