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With more than twenty years of experience in spiritual counseling, Ìyá'fálolá H. Omóbólá is an initiated priestess of Orisha/Ifa from the Yoruba (Nigerian) mindset, with an emphasis on assisting others in connecting with their Higher Consciousness in order to meet their destiny.

She operates a spiritual temple in Jackson, MS, which was called Imole Agbo Iwosan - The House of Light's Medicine is for Healing - in Illinois and is now called Ile Ominira Ilu - House of Freedom Land - which focuses specifically on healing the ancestral connection Africans in America have with their recent past in order to facilitate movement toward their future and that of the world's.

A writer, she focuses assisting in one's spiritual elevation from a traditional African frame of reference. Her latest book is "Devil Ain't Nothin' But A Five Letter Word: A Self-Help Journal to Transforming Fear" and can be found here -

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  • A small problem Aug 11, 2011

    In addition, I would like to add that we might consider the notion that fear within itself is something that ...

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