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New. I am new. Today I am something completely fresh, completely uncomplicated, completely whole, completely reinvented - made fresh by the thoughts I invite into my mind.

Community has been my middle name for more years than I can count; community writer and editor, nonprofit community coordinator, development director (aka community coordinator), and I launched a nonprofit arts organization several years ago that landed me in a glossy magazine (my 15 minutes of fame). I currently work on a contract basis for nonprofits offering all of my many amazing and mind boggling skills as resources for those who lack same.

Although I suspect the word is much over-used I am a sensitive from way back. For the past 30 years or so I've worked to develop my energy awareness skills and offer myself as volunteer for the DHN (Distance Healing Network). I meditate like my life depends on it (which it does), spend as much of my time outdoors as possible, share quiet moments with the critters of creation and cultivate creativity whenever possible.

My life has been peppered with unique experiences that most people would not be able to understand or relate to, and as a way of capturing these moments in time I occasionally blog them at

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