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Morphic Fields and Morphic Resonance

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Morphic fields underlie the organization of proteins, cells, crystals, plants, animals, brains, and minds. They help to explain habits, memories, instincts, telepathy, and the sense of direction. They have an inherent memory and imply that many of the so-called laws of nature are more like habits.

This is, of course, a controversial hypothesis.

The Fields of Morphogenesis

My interest in these new kinds of fields first developed while I was doing research on the development of plants at Cambridge University. To start with, I was concerned only with one particular kind of morphic field, namely morphogenetic fields.

How do plants grow from spores or seeds into the characteristic form of their species? How do the leaves of ferns, oaks, and bamboos take up their shapes? These are questions to do with what biologists call morphogenesis – the coming-into-being of form (Greek: morphe = form; genesis = coming into being) – and one of the great unsolved problems of biology.

The naive approach is simply to say that morphogenesis is genetically programmed. Different species just follow the instructions in their genes. But a few moments' reflection show that this reply won’t do. All the cells of the body contain the same genes. In your body, the same genetic program is present in your eyes, kidneys, and fingers. If they are all programmed identically, then how do they develop so differently?

Thanks to the great triumphs of molecular biology, we know what genes actually do. Some code for the sequence of amino acids in proteins; others are involved in the control of protein synthesis. They enable organisms to make particular proteins, but these alone cannot account for form. Your arms and your legs are chemically identical: If ground up and analyzed biochemically, they would be indistinguishable. But they have different shapes. Something other than the genes and the proteins they code for is needed to explain their form.

Biologists who study the development of form in plants and animals have long been aware of these problems, and since the 1920s many have adopted the idea that developing organisms are shaped by fields called morphogenetic fields. These are rather like invisible blueprints that underlie the form of the growing organism. They are not designed by an architect, any more than a genetic program is designed by a computer programmer. They are fields: self-organizing regions of influence, analogous to magnetic fields and other recognized fields of nature.

But no one knows what these fields are or how they work. Most biologists assume that they will at some time in the future be explained in terms of regular physics and chemistry. This is no more than an act of faith.

After ten years of research in developmental biology, I came to the conclusion that these fields were not just a way of talking about standard mechanistic processes, but something really new. This was the starting point for my own development of the hypothesis of morphic fields, first proposed in my book A New Science of Life and further developed in The Presence of the Past.  

The Hypothesis of Morphic Fields

All self-organizing systems are wholes made up of parts, which are themselves wholes at a lower level, such as atoms in molecules and molecules in crystals. The same is true of organelles in cells, cells in tissues, tissues in organs, organs in organisms, organisms in social groups. At each level, the morphic field gives each whole its characteristic properties and interconnects and coordinates the constituent parts.

The fields responsible for the development and maintenance of bodily form in plants and animals are called morphogenetic fields. In animals, the organization of behavior and mental activity depends on behavioral and mental fields. The organization of societies and cultures depends on social and cultural fields. All these kinds of organizing fields are morphic fields.

Morphic fields are located within and around the systems they organize. Like quantum fields, they work probabilistically. They restrict, or impose order upon, the inherent indeterminism of the systems under their influence. Thus, for example, a protein field organizes the way in which the chain of amino acids (the “primary structure” determined by the genes) coils and folds up to give the characteristic three-dimensional form of the protein, “choosing” from among many possible structures, all equally possible from an energetic point of view. Social fields coordinate the behavior of individuals within social groups, for example, the behavior of fish in schools or birds in flocks.

The mathematician René Thom has created mathematical models of morphogenetic fields in which the endpoints toward which a system develops are defined as attractors. In the branch of mathematics known as dynamics, attractors represent the limits toward which dynamical systems are drawn. They provide a scientific way of thinking about ends, purposes, goals, or intentions. All morphic fields contain attractors.

The most controversial feature of this hypothesis is that the structure of morphic fields depends on what has happened before. They contain a kind of memory. Through repetition, the patterns they organize become increasingly probable, increasingly habitual. The force that these fields exert is the force of habit.

Whatever the explanation of its origin, once a new morphic field – a new pattern of organization – has come into being, its field becomes stronger through repetition. The same pattern becomes more likely to happen again. The more often patterns are repeated, the more probable they become. The fields contain a kind of cumulative memory and become increasingly habitual. Fields evolve in time and form the basis of habits. From this point of view, nature is essentially habitual. Even the so-called laws of nature may be more like habits.

The means by which information or an activity-pattern is transferred from a previous to a subsequent system of the same kind is called morphic resonance. Morphic resonance involves the influence of like upon like, the influence of patterns of activity on subsequent similar patterns of activity, an influence that passes through or across space and time from past to present. These influences do not fall off with distance in space or time. The greater the degree of similarity, the greater the influence of morphic resonance.

Morphic resonance gives an inherent memory in fields at all levels of complexity. Any given morphic system, say, a squirrel, "tunes in" to previous similar systems, in this case previous squirrels of its species. Through this process each individual squirrel draws upon, and in turn contributes to, a collective or pooled memory of its kind. In the human realm, this kind of collective memory corresponds to what the psychologist C. G. Jung called the "collective unconscious."

Morphic resonance should be detectable in the realms of physics, chemistry, biology, animal behavior, psychology, and the social sciences. But long established systems, such as zinc atoms, quartz crystals, and insulin molecules are governed by such strong morphic fields, with such deep grooves of habit, that little change can be observed. They behave as if they are governed by fixed laws.

By contrast, new systems should show an increasing tendency to come into being the more often they are repeated. They should become increasingly probable; they should happen more easily as time goes on. For example, when a new chemical compound is synthesized by research chemists and crystallized, it may take a long time for the crystal to form for the first time. There is no pre-existing morphic field for the lattice structure. But when the first crystals form, they will make it easier for similar crystals to appear anywhere in the world. The more often the compound is crystallized, the easier it should be to crystallize.

In fact, new compounds do indeed tend to crystallize more easily the more often they are made. Chemists usually explain this effect in terms of crystal “seeds” from the new crystals spreading around the world as invisible dust particles in the air, or chemists learning from others how to do it. But the hypothesis of morphic fields predicts that this should happen anyway under standardized conditions, even if dust particles are filtered out of the air.

Connections with Quantum Physics

Experiments to test for the spatial aspects of morphic fields imply a kind of non-locality that is not presently recognized by institutional science. Nevertheless, it may turn out to be related to the non-locality or non-separability that is an integral part of quantum theory, implying connections or correlations at a distance undreamt of by classical physics. Albert Einstein found the idea of "spooky action at a distance" implied by quantum theory deeply distasteful, but his worst fears have come true.1 Recent experimental evidence shows that these connections lie at the heart of physics.

Several physicists have been intrigued by the possible connections between morphic fields and quantum theory, including John Bell (of Bell’s theorem) and David Bohm, whose theory of the implicate order, based on the non-separability of quantum systems, turned out to be extraordinarily compatible with my own proposals.2 These connections have also been explored by the American quantum physicist Amit Goswami and by the German quantum physicist Hans-Peter Dürr. But it is still not clear exactly how morphic fields might fit in with quantum physics, if only because the implications of quantum theory for complex systems like cells and brains are still obscure.

Experiments on Morphic Fields

The hypothesis of morphic fields is a scientific hypothesis, and as such is subject to experimental testing. There are several possible ways in which it can be, and has been, investigated by experiment. Some of these tests attempt to detect the fields as they link together different parts of a system in space; other tests look for the effects of morphic resonance over time.

The easiest way to test for morphic fields directly is to work with societies of organisms. Individual animals can be separated in such a way that they cannot communicate with each other by normal sensory means. If information still travels between them, this would imply the existence of interconnections of the kind provided by morphic fields. The transfer of information through morphic fields could help provide an explanation for telepathy, which typically takes places between members of groups who share social or emotional bonds.

When I started looking for evidence of fieldlike connections between members of social groups, I found that I was moving into realms very little understood by science. For example, no one knows how societies of termites are coordinated in such a way that these small, blind insects can build complex nests with an intricate internal architecture. No one understands how flocks of birds or schools of fish can change direction so quickly without the individuals bumping into each other. Likewise, no one understands the nature of human social bonds.

One particularly promising area for this kind of research concerns telepathy between people and domesticated animals, as discussed in my book Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home and Other Unexplained Powers of Animals. For example, many dogs and cats seem to know when their owners are coming home, even when they return at non-routine times in unfamiliar vehicles such as taxis and when no one at home knows when they are coming. The animals seem to be responding telepathically to their owners’ intentions.

According to the hypothesis of formative causation, morphic fields extend beyond the brain into the environment, linking us to the objects of our perception, and are capable of affecting them through our intention and attention. This is another aspect of morphic fields that lends itself to experimental testing. Such fields would mean that we can affect things just by looking at them, in ways that cannot be explained in terms of conventional physics. For example, we may be able to affect someone by looking at them from behind, when they have no other way of knowing that we are staring at them.

The sense of being stared at from behind is in fact a common experience. Experiments already indicate that it is a real phenomenon.3 It does not seem to be explicable in terms of chance coincidence, the known senses, or fields currently recognized by physicists.

The unsolved problems of animal navigation, migration, and homing may also depend on invisible fields connecting the animals to their destinations. In effect, these could act like invisible elastic bands linking them to their homes. In the language of dynamics, their home can be regarded as an attractor.4

Morphic Resonance in Biology

The buildup of habits can be observed experimentally only in the case of new patterns of development and behavior. There is already evidence from observations on fruit flies that morphic resonance effects may be occurring in the realm of morphogenesis. When fruit fly eggs were exposed to a chemical (diethyl ether), some of them developed abnormally, turning into flies with four wings instead of two. When this treatment was repeated generation after generation, more and more flies developed four wings, even if their ancestors had never been exposed to the chemical.

There is also much circumstantial evidence that animal behavior can evolve rapidly, as if a collective memory is building up through morphic resonance. In particular, large-scale adaptations have occurred in the behavior of domesticated animals all over the world.

One example concerns cattle guards. Ranchers throughout the American West have found that they can save money on cattle grids by using fake ones instead, consisting of stripes painted across the road. Real cattle guards are made of a series of parallel steel tubes or rails with gaps in between, which make it difficult for cattle to walk across them and even painful to try. However, present-day cattle do not usually even try to cross them, and the illusory grids work just like the real ones. When cattle approach them, they "put on brakes with all four feet," as one rancher expressed it to me.

Is this because calves learn from older cattle that they should not try to cross? Apparently not. Several ranchers have told me that herds not previously exposed to real cattle grids will avoid the phony ones. Ted Friend of Texas A&M University has tested the response of several hundred head of cattle to painted grids and has found that naive animals avoid them just as much as those previously exposed to real grids. Sheep and horses likewise show an aversion to crossing painted grids. This aversion may well depend on morphic resonance from previous members of the species that have learned to avoid cattle grids the hard way.

There are many such examples. There are also data from laboratory experiments on rats and other animals that such effects occur. The best known involves a series of experiments in which subsequent generations of rats learned how to escape from a water maze. As time went on, rats in laboratories all over the world were able to do this quicker and quicker.

Morphic Resonance in Human Learning

Morphic resonance has many implications for the understanding of human learning, including the acquisition of languages. Through the collective memory on which individuals draw, and to which they contribute, it should in general be easier to learn what others have learned before.

This idea fits well with the observations of linguists such as Noam Chomsky, who propose that language learning by young children takes place so rapidly and creatively that it cannot be explained simply in terms of imitation. The structure of language seems to be inherited in some way. In his book The Language Instinct, Steven Pinker gives many examples to support this idea.

One of the few areas in which detailed quantitative data are available over periods of decades is in the scores of IQ tests. If morphic resonance occurs, average performance in IQ tests should be rising not because people are becoming more intelligent but because IQ tests should be getting easier to do as a result of morphic resonance from the millions who have done them before. This effect is now well known and is called the Flynn Effect, after its discoverer, James Flynn.

Large increases in IQ test scores have occurred in many different countries, including the United States, Japan, Britain, France, Germany, and Holland. Many attempts have been made to explain the Flynn Effect, but none have succeeded. Flynn himself describes it as "baffling." But morphic resonance could provide a natural explanation.


The hypothesis of formative causation has far-reaching implications in all branches of science. For example, morphic fields could revolutionize our understanding of cultural inheritance and the influence of our ancestors. Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins has given the name "meme" to "units of cultural transmission," and such memes can be interpreted as morphic fields. Morphic resonance also sheds new light on many religious practices, including rituals.5 Even scientific paradigms can be seen as morphic fields, stabilized by morphic resonance, with a tendency to become increasingly habitual and unconscious the more often they are repeated.6

But however wide its implications, this hypothesis has a major inherent limitation. It helps explain how patterns of organization are repeated but does not explain how they come into being in the first place. It leaves open the question of evolutionary creativity. Formative causation is compatible with several different theories, ranging from the idea that all novelty is ultimately a matter of chance to explanations in terms of divine creativity.7

# # # # #

"Morphic Fields and Morphic Resonance” by Rupert Sheldrake, PhD, was published in Quantum Health magazine (Issue #6) and updated from an original article called “Fields of Form” from the December 2004–February 2005 issue of Shift: At the Frontiers of Consciousness (published by IONS and no longer in print). It is reprinted by permission, all rights reserved, © 2010 Quantum Health. Quantum Health is an online-only, interactive magazine that features global coverage of the emerging field of energetic medicine. For a free subscription, go to


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  • Neon1 Nov 08, 2010

    The persistence of specific patterns within the morphic fields that govern the habitual behavior of exploitive human civilizations may soon need to weaken in favor of patterns of behavior more sensitive to the parent field we call Gaia, if humanity is to survive and eventually to thrive.

    My pet theory is one that suggests that some catastrophic event will cause a spontaneous metanoic bifurcation leading to an attractor that is already forming within increasing numbers of individual humans. In my opinion, there is simply not enough time for humanity’s consciousness, and thereby its behavior, to evolve given the constraints of the persistence of morphic fields in general and the stubborn persistence of the present behavioral morphic fields that govern cultures, societies, and civilizations.

    Someone at Reality Sandwich said that they had brought my theory to the attention of Rupert at a conference, but he got no response; something about Mr. Sheldrake being too busy... I am still interested in, and would appreciate, any thoughts Rupert might have on this subject, just in case he personally visits this page for responses to his post.

  • Gretchen Dreisbach Nov 08, 2010

    Dear Rupert Sheldrake, thankyou for sharing this information with us. I am curious about something.
    Does a morphic field have to be like upon like? I am wondering about the bonds between the earth itself
    and the ancient peoples in the forms of leylines. Were the people being attracted to a magnetic field
    or did they instead create one by the years of repetitive walking?
    I have also observed in my life that the neighborhood that I grew up in attracted the same type of
    people with specific behaviors, (unknown to its members), and there is a house on my current block that attracts the same exact type of family. There is some kind of a memory of an energy field at work....
    I also have wondered at how I have an insatiable need to read and study many things even though I am a
    right brained visual artist, that it might be due to the fact that I was raised and have lived in the vacinity of some type of a University field of knowledge my entire life. be well, Gretchen Dreisbach

    Neon, what about the possibility of a spontaneous remission in the same way that a flock of birds will suddenly turn as one in flight? We can all do it with attention and intention! (and LOVE of course).....

  • Anonymous Icon

    diogenes Nov 09, 2010

    Sounds like Lamarkinism to me!!!!

  • Anonymous Icon

    christa Nov 09, 2010

    A good place to look for the link between quantum physics and the morphic field would be string theory, as it is based on resonance in (what the math seems to point to) 11 dimensional space. If we take the 6 interfolds of calabi-yau manifolds, add our 3 familiar dimensions, plus time (as per Einstein) and accept consciousness as another dimension, we do come up with 11 dimensional space, and six of those (in the calabi-yau shapes) would provide a great deal of information storage space with some kind of "google rank" to make up a morphic field.

  • Anonymous Icon

    tomsherry Nov 09, 2010

    Through IONS I learned of Rupert Sheldrake's morphic (morphogenic, resonant morphic) several years ago. I was immediately impressed with the sensibility of his hypotheses and intuitively drawn to its apparent Truth (and I believe Intuition is a conscious connection with the larger consciousness associated with increasing scales of such fields).
    Quantum physics has demonstrated nonlocality, inconnection of mind and matter, and entanglement of everything. Classical physics, with its mechanical clockwork universe paradigm is truly and sincerely dead, though most mainstream science still clings to a mechanistic, reductionist approach, even to believing the consciousness itself occurs through random events within the matter that makes up a brain and nervous system.
    Superstring theory, extended to M-Theory, posits a total of 11 dimensions: 7-d Calabi-Yau hyperspace, plus our 3-d space and 1-d time. So far as I know, doesn't admit to any of these dimensions having the attribute of consciousness. I am convinced, however, that consciousness is at the core of all existence.
    This gets me to Rupert Sheldrake's morphic fields. I believe these fields exist as the bridge between consciousness and creation, that thought creates an organized subtle energy field, a template, upon which through positive feedback and iteration an attractor field, in the form of a morphic field, organizes energy and matter into the forms of both life and what we identify as inorganic matter. This field is apparently not simply an electromagnetic field, is not easily detectable with our current instruments, and is beyond our current understanding of physics.
    Rupert is right, I think, when he differentiates the nearly absolute stability of attractor fields that establish what we experience collectively as the laws, forces, and constants of physics. These are principles upon which all consciousness acting in our spacetime has agreed, fields that are too stable to be easily violated by individual consciousness (except perhaps by avatars). Other fields, particularly as they become more and more individualized, may be more maleable, more selectable by the respective consciousness(es) related to the field(s). All of this is consistent, it seems to me, with complexity theory.
    And we see the same patterns unfolding at all scales, again as Rupert suggests, because of the fractal nature of nature which again follows complexity theory - as well as the Hermetic Axiom "As Above, So Below".

  • Anonymous Icon

    tomsherry Nov 09, 2010

    I had something to add but ran out of room:

    Back to String Theory. I have a friend who may be one of a handful of people in the world who understand the mathematics of string theory. His name is Saul-Paul Sirag, and I was referred to him by Amit Goswami several years ago. I have struggled to understand some of his technical writing. Saul-Paul has suggested that universal consciousness can be associated with a version of string theory, U8. I can't follow his technical arguments myself, but I feel he is right, as Christa, in trying to tie consciousness into a theory of everything.
    There is something, however, that Saul-Paul said to me that has infiltrated my own thinking. He noted that our 4-d spacetime takes on a geodesic 3-d spacial structure in mathematical reflection space, where all the vectors are represented by their orthogonal planes as mirrors. In such a space, the intersections of the mirrors form tetrahedral alcoves. I believe that the initial source energy which morphic fields organize occurs within these alcoves, that there is a fundamental pulsing of this energy that occurs therein (due to the mathematical construct of zero times infinity, or duality, which equates to an indeterminate finite), that these pulses entrain through positive feedback along the reflection space mirror edges in the geodesic 3-d matrix to form the standing waves and harmonics that string theory identifies as the vibrating strings, representing all the mass and energy properties of fermion and bosons.
    Now for consciousness. I believe that the organizing principle itself, taking on the forms/templates experienced as the morphic fields involved in the ongoing creative process, is universal consciousness. Fractally, this consciousness is repeated at ever greater scales throughout the matrix up to the scale of galactic strings and clusters and everything between. The very principle of interconnection could be considered to be the ultimate field of Universal Love, or the ineffable ultimate attractor field. Rupert Sheldrake's morphic fields seem to me to capture the essense of all this.
    Of course, I could be completely bonkers.
    And all the other life form and inorganic resonant morphic fields within the matrix relate and integrate their consciousness through the interconnections of the various scaled attractor fields. The self-similarity shows within the fractal nature, and the geometric forms relate through their geodesic properties, e.g., the hexagonal form of snowflakes. The nearly infinite unfolding of forms within the matrix, express joy of creativity - think of flowers.
    There's the how and the why.
    Thanks for your gifts to all of us, Rupert.
    And thanks to all you IONS members for your sharing and insights.

  • Jerry Kays Nov 12, 2010

    Neon: My pet theory is one that suggests that some catastrophic event will cause a spontaneous metanoic bifurcation leading to an attractor that is already forming within increasing numbers of individual humans.

    Could that be related to what is called "The 100th Monkey Effect" ... (?)

  • Jerry Kays Nov 12, 2010

    tomsherry, I am impressed by what you seem to be knowledgeable of in technical terms ... what you have said above, in non-technical, intuitive, terms to me, equates to my concept of what I call the Basic Equation of Truth ... BET (+=-) as the Theory of Everything in metaphysical and spiritual terms ... where the "mind", the "consciousness" is the "Spirit of GOD" symbolized by the (=) sign that bridges the gap and void (/) of Duality into the Truth of Trinity (+=-) ... where the symbols of "potential polarization" are brought together in every natural balance (a form of perfection) which would be in the "mind" of the Enlightened Being ... as well as in the Totality of UNIversal Mind which we would commonly call GOD (not God nor god(s)) ... IMnsHO.

  • Neon1 Nov 14, 2010

    Jerry Kays:

    Related is a good word to use in comparison I guess. But my question for Rupert asks whether or not he can envision a spontaneous metanoic bifurcation in human behavior as a result of environmental pressure with, perhaps, an accompanying cellular mutation augmenting hemispherical communication.
    It seems to me that such a consequential bifurcation in behavior would have a cellular component, in order for the behavioral change to spontaneously arise within all of humanity and then to persist well into the future.
    Could a catastrophic event generate a Metanoia so deep in the human psyche so as to catalyze a morphogenetic cellular mutation leading to an appropriate and universal change in behavior that ensures the survival of humanity?

  • Theoldman Nov 20, 2010

    I prepared a thesis called the "The Quantum Tao," to show the proof that a "field" could easily be traced in the practice of acupuncture. My work over the years with traditional "medicine or Holy people" has given me the chance to see the "field" and interact with it on levels beyond our present science. The way I like to describe the field is simple: imagine looking through a chain link fence - say at a school yard or a sporting event. You can take a camera and focus on the players on the field so the presence or view of the fence disappears, according to the depth of field and point of focus of the camera. Our eyes do that automatically because it gets very busy when you see the field all the time. If you have ever used a microscope in science class you looked at the cell walls of a leaf or an onion skin. Fine black lines dividing each cell and in the form and shape that surrounds the onion. This is what the field looks like and it moves in pulses that match the earth's resonant sound - approximately 7 hertz on a calm day. This constant pulse - some call the heart beat of Gia causes corresponding pulses in the field around us all. All life emits energetic pulses such as our own heart rate - at calm is 70bpm. This interacts directly with the field and causes deflection in the field seen as swirls, twirls and tightening or expansion of the lines in the field. An example is how an Eagle sees a injured fish at or near the surface of the water 1 mile away. When the sick or injured fish flops around near the surface wounded, it causes an interference in the pulsed waves emitted from the earth through the ocean. This break or interference is carried upward and the deflection or interference begins to look like a pulled thread in piece of fabric - traceable back to the source. The Eagle sees this flaw or break in the "field " then focuses in on the waters surface - as the Eagle steps of the branch on it's way to diner - very fast before any other predators see it. I traveled some distance with a Raven once using the field, and got a provable birds eyes perspective. I use this field technique when I am asked to assist in Search and Rescue - to find lost people in the bush. I am also learning to use it to shift energy and matter - through intent - but that is another story - blessings Eamonn

  • Anonymous Icon

    rain Nov 21, 2010

    I have found this field first as a nurse, I worked with quad and paraplegics and over and over they would talk with me about phantom pain, but one day I had a young male patient tell me that his physical legs may be in the wheelchair but his real legs were hanging down behind the chair. I talked at length with him about this ,he felt I could lay him on his stomach and push his real energy legs back down into his physical legs, he felt if we could reconnect the two his legs would function, i spent a great amount of time thinking about how this could be done.The interesting thing about this is he could feel my hand when i touched his energy legs, when he was on his stomach and could not see behind himself, he could tell if I had touched his foot or legs or toes.then I studied energy medicine and i learned about the salamander ability to regrow legs and tails. what was interesting was even if you removed the growth plate from the arm after amputation and transplanted a growth plate from the tail a arm would always regrow it would always regrow what was supposed to be there, not the tissue that had been transplanted, so The lession has continued over my life, Now I have been interested in non ordenary states of conscience,I have expierenced being a insect, i was one, my mind encounted a very real energy field. what i am trying to understand is if the information as energy was in my brain or neurons or was it floating around in the akashic fields and I attracted it by some charge,??? how might I move a morphic field like my patients energy legs, what kinds of charges would it take??? any clues??????

  • Anonymous Icon

    tomsherry Nov 28, 2010

    To Jerry Kays re: 11/12 comment.
    From: Tom Tolman (tomsherry)
    I hold a similar view wrt your BET as an approach to capture the ALL.
    First, I believe as Plato and Pythagoras that mathematics is the universal language of consciousness. This is why natural laws can be expressed and understood by all conscious entities in math terrms. "God" "thinks" in this language, as relationships/patterns in organizing energy/matter through the intermediary of morphic/consciousness fields.
    Second, I think of the duality as represented not only by parity (+/-) but also as the conceptual "horizons" of zero and infinity, the ultimate opposites in any medium.
    Third, I think the trinity is represented in the relationship/interaction between zero and infinity that occurs when we introduce the "=". zero times infinity mathematically equals an indeterminite finite. You can multiply a null (empty) matrix by and infinite (boundless) matrix and get a finite matrix of undetermined elements and extent - which I believe represents our finite universe [U].
    Fourth, I believe that consciousness literally organizes this [U] matrix, sets the fractal patterns of our shared co-consciousnessly created reality, an ongoing process.
    Check out light (photons) as an example of how this works - zero (rest mass) times infinity (mass at the speed of light of any finite mass) equals a finite virtual mass of the photon.

  • Jerry Kays Nov 30, 2010

    to tomsherry in reply to Nov 28 above:
    Thanks for your response ... I hope that you are right about the mathematics of it all ... that is an area that I am not at all versed in, only "INtuitively" attempting to describe the truth as I see it, and for that, equating the Spirit to the (=) sign in the BET (+=-) ...

  • Anonymous Icon

    Blessedtoes Feb 19, 2011

    Rupert has been a hero of mine for a long time, not just because of the brilliance of this theory but also his example of stepping free of his "academic" m-field and his "tribal mammal" m-field and standing by this theory in the face of being ostracized by the academic community (which he was), something that equates starving to death alone on a plain to our tribal mammal brain.
    I acknowledge his brave and consciously evolutionary choice to step free and form a new m-field for theorists and researchers, and am celebratory to hear he is gaining recognition and acceptance via Trinity.

  • Anonymous Icon

    timmytime Aug 07, 2011

    The simple conclusion on how to create a Morphic Resonance is to look at history it's self. Think back
    to how our generation has started the new Morphic Resonance based on past experience. Take Martin Luther King he was shot for his views and influence, on the Morphic Resonance of black people. Though the man him self was kill his dream still lived on the answer is right there in simple terms to find out how your theory work's it plain and simple everyone thinks that hiding information and classifying certain thing will be for the betterment of man kind except though out our history it has failed. T
    Take religion for example you can take it purely by taking on man out of the equation because the field it's self is now stronger for it. How change the field it's already been done except now it blind sided humans based on ignorance. Instead of murdering religion we have merely change the rules of our culture. Witch has taken a long time to be accepted, but has now changed the field because in religion lets say Christianity the commandments, thou shalt not steal. Now look at the video game grand theft auto.
    How many people play that game. OK but then god said even the thought is a sin. You have to think in order to play the game point and case. They have already found a way to access the field by simply controlling the way human brains think about things.
    The only thing is you can access the collective data with one brain you can not how ever control it without multipul brain's that except the same view's.In order to create a Morphic Resonance you must first create the situation that effects millions on a wide scale and hope one of them has the heart to touch others.

  • Anonymous Icon

    mcoke Feb 02, 2015

    This is fascinating to me. Is there somewhere I can view papers that draw conclusions which support morphic fields juxtaposed with papers which draw conclusions which do not support morphic fields? I think, intuitively, I'm a supporter of the theory but there seems to be a lot to wade through and intuition can sometimes steer us wrong

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