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Submission Guidelines

The Noetic Now Journal is not currently being published on a regular basis and the upcoming issues of The Noetic Post, our semi-annual membership bulletin, will be special issues, so we do not have need for unsolicited articles right now.

If you have something you'd like to have considered for a special publication or possibly for the future, please consider the guidelines below, with the understanding that right now we are in a publishing hiatus.

Former Submission Guidelines

The IONS editorial team will consider unsolicited manuscripts for both Noetic Now, the content section of our website, and for The Noetic Post, our semi-annual membership bulletin. We publish features in four general areas of consciousness studies: Consciousness and Healing, Extended Human Capacities, Emerging Worldviews, and Transformation (see descriptions below). Unsolicited articles in each area must speak to the topic and meet at least some and ideally all of the following criteria:

  • Offers new information and/or a new perspective, not just a critique.
  • Features high-quality research and accurate reporting but avoids technical jargon.
  • Professional writing that is informative, grounded, and entertaining.
  • Opens a dialogue between traditional and frontier sciences.
  • Addresses deeper issues and not just surface symptoms.
  • Includes the role of “noetic values,” e.g. inner knowing, compassion.
  • Does not promote any particular ideology or person or individual POV.
  • Article length: 1500—3000 words.

Consciousness & Healing: Articles in this section investigate the relationship between mind and body (e.g., energy/distant healing, “placebo” effects, how thoughts and emotions affect physiology); the evolution of contemporary health care, both personal and institutional; and ancient healing practices as well as new tools for health and well-being.

Extended Human Capacities: These articles discuss anomalous and little-understood phenomena as ESP, NDEs, mind-matter interactions, and subtle energies; methods for determining what is real and what isn’t; and what EHC research is suggesting about our human potential and the nature of reality.

Emerging Worldviews: Our models of how the world works are changing; new perspectives and new information are challenging longstanding assumptions about who and what we are. Articles in this section feature emerging paradigms and real-world events where modern science, ancient wisdom, spirituality, and insights into consciousness are beginning to converge.

Transformation: In this section we explore the variety of ways that people undergo fundamental shifts in how they think, feel, behave, and experience their world and which bring about a more holistic, aware, and interconnected perspective.

Payment: As a nonprofit organization, IONS is highly constrained in what it can pay freelancers; decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis. Please send queries/proposals to Donated articles are highly appreciated!

Book Reviews Unsolicited book reviews will also be considered for publication. Book selections should

  • be relevant to one of the four areas described above;
  • not represent the personal “program” of any one practitioner or teacher;
  • not be so speculative as to exceed reasonable consideration;
  • have a publication date no older than one year of review submission and preferably be a new release;
  • 500–1000 words in length.

Payment: IONS will pay $.10/word for reviews. Please query with your selection and why it is relevant.

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