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Marilyn Schlitz One Minute Shift | The Next Scientific Revolution

Visionary: Marilyn Schlitz, PhD

In this one-minute video, Dr. Schlitz explores the possibility that we are now going through the next scientific revolution, one every bit as profound as those created by Copernicus, Darwin, and Einstein.


Video Credits:

  • Producer/Director: Jose Vergelin / Ad Infinitum Films
  • Supervising Producer: Angela Murphy
  • Post-production/Graphics: DigitalCore
  • Videographers: Jose Vergelin
  • Teleprompter/PA: Ladd McPartland
  • Music: Indart Music
  • Executive Producer: Stephen Dinan
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When Copernicus proved the earth revolves around the sun, he literally change the world as we knew it. Darwin and Einstein did the same in their day…

What if we’re now going through the next scientific revolution? One every bit as profound?

For centuries, science and religion have been at odds. Science has focused on the physical, denying the reality of what most religions believe. However, today’s science is showing that some spiritual insights are actually scientific truths;

  • That psychic abilities may be real.
  • That we’re all fundamentally interconnected.
  • And that we all have innate abilities to heal and transform ourselves.

Science and technology without wisdom can endanger life as we know it. But when we marry the best of science with the best of our wisdom traditions, humanity will have the capacity to create a more just, compassionate, and sustainable future.

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Publication Date:
Oct. 16, 2010
Institute of Noetic Sciences
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