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"Living Deeply" Teleseminar Series Audio Set

"The Mind's Brain" with Sharon Begley (sample)

"Living Deeply" Teleseminar Series

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"The Mind's Brain" with Sharon Begley (sample)

Visionary: Sharon Begley

In this teleseminar, host Cassandra Vieten discusses fascinating developments in neuroscience with author and Newsweek science columnist Sharon Begley. Many scientists believed the brain loses its plasticity with aging, but Sharon tells us that research now shows we can continue to learn throughout life. Although crosswords can help the brain’s fluency, to retain its plasticity we need to challenge ourselves with new learning all the time. Sharon also talks about meditation and the Dalai Lama’s interest in neuroscience and research, including work done by Prof. Richard Davidson, PhD at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. You'll also hear about great websites for brain quizzes and well-researched products.

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"Living Deeply" Teleseminar Series

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