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Great Shift Dialogues Audio Set

Great Shift Dialogue: Sequoyah Trueblood and James O’Dea (excerpt)

Great Shift Dialogues

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Great Shift Dialogue: Sequoyah Trueblood and James O’Dea (excerpt)

Visionaries: James O'Dea and Sequoyah Trueblood

Former IONS President,James O’Dea and native elder Sequoyah Trueblood discuss "the great shift" in the context of our universal oneness. They explore the separation created by judgment and the intellect and the need to see the sacredness in all things. Sequoyah shares some of his life experiences that proved to be paths to forgiveness and understanding. He believes the primary reason we’re on this earth is to remove the effects of the judgments of our ancestors and to embrace situations that may be very painful, because that’s where the most significant healing occurs.

Excerpted from a longer dialogue, to be available soon.

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Great Shift Dialogues

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