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Great Shift Dialogue: Kurt Smith (excerpt)

Great Shift Dialogues

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Great Shift Dialogue: Kurt Smith (excerpt)

Visionary: Kurt Smith

Wild Divine CEO Kurt Smith has been at the forefront of innovative technologies that expand consciousness and enhance health. In this dialogue he begins by urging patience: deep changes take time. He also emphasizes that collective changes can only flow from personal changes, so we need to enhance our personal well-being. He goes on to explore how biofeedback, EEG machines, and skin conductance measures can expand our attention and train us to be more mindful, an example of a seemingly small personal shift that will help add up to large changes in the collective. On the horizon, he describes multi-player Internet applications that will make the process of shifting consciousness more fun, as well as fascinating collective applications of consciousness science.

Excerpted from a longer dialogue, to be available soon.

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Great Shift Dialogues

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