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Great Shift Dialogue: Neale Donald Walsch (excerpt)

Great Shift Dialogues

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Great Shift Dialogue: Neale Donald Walsch (excerpt)

Visionary: Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch is renowned for pioneering a new and more personal approach to questions of God and spirituality. In this interview, he shares his deepest understanding of how we can shift our collective beliefs around God and spirituality to create a great shift in the years ahead. An evolutionary, open-ended approach to spirituality allows us to create an entirely new cultural story based on a different assessment of “what God wants.” This new cultural story can empower us to realize more of our potential, drop limiting beliefs, and move beyond fundamentalisms into a more peaceful future. He demonstrates how economic, political, and military approaches to our challenges always fail because they don’t work at the root of the problem, which is ultimately one of a limited worldview. The real solution is to move towards an evolving picture of God rooted in a deep sense of our interconnection and a questioning spirit.

Excerpted from a longer dialogue, to be available soon.

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Great Shift Dialogues

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