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"The Essential Shifts" Interview Series Audio Set

"The Essential Shifts" Interview Series

"The Essential Shifts" Interview Series

What do some of the world's great thinkers and spiritual leaders have to say about the most essential shifts of our time?

We asked them the same four questions:

  • How do you see our current global situation?
  • What are the most essential shifts required for us to evolve to the next level?
  • How do your work and current passions fit with the larger shifts?
  • What are the most important things that we can each do personally to create positive change?

The result? An extraordinary collection of wisdom, wit, and inspiration. We hope you enjoy the full feast!

Items in this set

  • Essential Shifts Interview: Andrew Harvey

    In this interview, scholar and mystic Andrew Harvey blazes a path straight into the sacred heart, shying away from none of the horror of the world’s situation while calling us into our most naked and vulnerable core.

    • 00:52:49
  • Essential Shifts Interview: Elisabet Sahtouris

    In this talk, Elisabet draws inspiration from the extraordinary designs provided by nature showing how we can live more lightly and sustainable. She sees abundant evidence for us transitioning from a primarily competitive and egocentric era, which is typical of young populations of any species, into an era in which we learn to cooperate and communicate as one global family.

    • 2006-04-10
    • 00:25:06
  • Essential Shifts Interview: Michael Bernard Beckwith

    In this interview, Michael turns the spotlight on the root assumptions of scarcity and fear that underpin war, sustainability, and other collective crises. He shares his insights into community building, leadership and spiritual living through connecting to a larger source of intelligence, abundance, and healing.

    • 2006-05-15
    • 00:27:37
  • Essential Shifts Interview: Laurie Monroe

    Laurie Monroe carried on the legacy of her father, Robert Monroe, as the President of The Monroe Institute, a pioneer in out-of-body-experiences and consciousness technology. In this interview on the essential shifts of our time, she discusses how the personal work of evolving consciousness is pivotal to solving planetary crises.

    • 2006-05-15
    • 00:20:46
  • Essential Shifts Interview: Dean Radin

    In the view of IONS Senior Scientist Dean Radin, we’re in the midst of an epochal transition from a world steeped in fear and hysteria to one that’s, well, a bit less fearful and hysterical. This insightful and entertaining interview focuses on the shift from a mechanistic model of science to one based on quantum interconnection, drawing upon the latest research on the effects of minds on other minds, as well as the environment.

    • 2006-05-15
    • 00:21:21
  • Essential Shifts Interview: Bruce Lipton (sample)

    Join one of the most adventurous biologists of our day for a look at how a revised vision of biology can help create a template for a new society. Dr. Lipton explores topics such as how our consciousness shapes our biology, the power of fractals, and how human civilization is passing through stages that mirror aquatic, reptilian, and mammalian development.

    • 2006-05-15
    • 00:03:00
  • Essential Shifts Interview: Stanislav Grof

    What if our propensity to war and aggression had deep roots in the trauma of birth? That’s one of the provocative theories of Dr. Stanislav Grof, drawing from fifty years at the frontiers of consciousness research. There is, he believes, reason for cautious optimism that we can transcend our destructive impulses if large numbers of people engage the healing work that becomes possible in non-ordinary or "holotropic" states such as those used by shamans.

    • 2006-05-15
    • 00:34:15
  • Essential Shifts Interview: Marilyn Schlitz

    In this interview, Dr. Marilyn Schlitz explores an expanded vision of health for ourselves and our society. In this time of rapid acceleration, it is easy to fixate on answers rather than questions, and speed rather than quality. Real transformation, as borne out by IONS research and new scientific studies, is a process that often requires slowing down, appreciating relationships in a new way, and quite literally smelling the roses.

    • 2006-05-15
    • 00:19:22
  • Essential Shifts Interview: Thom Hartmann

    Air America radio host Thom Hartmann is rising quickly as a voice for societal progress, economic justice, and spiritual awakening. In this interview, he explores a wide range of subjects, from the vital importance of small acts of compassion to stopping the corruptive influence of corporate personhood.

    • 2006-09-01
    • 00:36:22
  • Essential Shifts Interview: Don Beck

    Spiral Dynamics Integral provides a powerful, multi-leveled mapping of culture, values, and consciousness. In this interview, the leading practitioner of this work, Don Beck, shares his insights about how we can more effectively meet different cultures with solutions appropriate to their "memetic codes."

    • 2006-05-15
    • 00:34:48
  • Essential Shifts Interview: Van Jones

    Van shares intimately about his formative years and his journey into becoming a social activist, as well as the story of Ella Baker, the "secret godmother" of the civil rights movement and mentor to Dr. King. Van advocates a "third way" between Islamic and corporate fundamentalisms and towards a vibrant, global pro-democracy movement that supports "green-collar jobs."

    • 2006-08-31
    • 00:32:29
  • Essential Shifts Interview: Steve Bhaerman

    Join comedian and political commentator Steve Bhaerman (aka Swami Beyondananda) for a humorous and insightful look at the "upwising" now underway. You’ll hear about Mad Cowboy Disease, the potential for bloodless evolution, and how to quiet a barking dogma.

    • 2006-05-15
    • 00:40:03
  • Essential Shifts Interview: Brian Johnson

    From discussions of Greek arete and the necessity for "both/and" thinking to practical advice on creating organizations that unleash our full potential, Brian ranges freely across myriad domains in his reflections on the keys to creating an outstanding life that makes a difference.

    • 2006-05-17
    • 00:29:23
  • Essential Shifts Interview: Julia Butterfly Hill

    Julia Butterfly Hill is known for her environmental activism, but she is also a deeply spiritual and reflective being. In this dialogue, she reveals her sense that the most important thing we can do is to hold an image of our world as whole, connected, and complete.

    • 2006-09-06
    • 00:29:18
  • Essential Shifts Interview: Brother David Steindl-Rast

    Network for Grateful Living founder Brother David Steindl Rast has walked in many worlds, from contemplative Christian monasteries to Naval academies to new paradigm workshops at Esalen. Out of his broad experience has emerged a deep wisdom that lights the path forward from traditional theistic religion and its reliance on doctrine and belief to panentheism, which focuses on direct experience and seeing God as fully present in the world.

    • 2006-11-02
    • 00:34:27
  • Essential Shifts Interview: Arjuna Ardagh

    For the author of The Translucent Revolution, the question of how we create a new world boils down to one shift: wake up! At the root of all the societal ills and dangers we experience lies a fundamental feeling of separation that fuels hatred, greed, overconsumption, destruction, and war. Instead of remaining in this dream, if we drop the filter of separation by investigating our true nature, we discover ...

    • 2006-05-15
    • 00:26:51
  • Essential Shifts Interview: Arisika Razak

    In this interview, professor, dancer, and midwife Arisika Razak shares her unique angle on the essential shifts our world now requires. She explores how we can each activate our "lineage of the heart," thereby linking us into the larger vision of what we are creating.

    • 2006-05-15
    • 00:34:44
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