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2009 Conference: Toward a Global Shift Audio Set

2009 Conference: Toward a Global Shift

2009 Conference: Toward a Global Shift

“Toward a Global Shift” calls forth wisdom from the four corners of the Earth and from diverse sectors of society to build a powerful field for positive, collective change. Together, we create a living experiment in personal, social, and global transformation. We hear from fascinating scientists, inspiring spiritual leaders, and social entrepreneurs, as well as from the many brilliant individuals who join in our innovative group explorations to create new frameworks for our shared future.

This conference takes an interdisciplinary and integrative approach to change that will, in the tradition of the noetic sciences, weave together research experiments, groundbreaking ideas, passionate performances, transformative personal experiences, and community ritual. Through our main-stage events and breakout sessions, our goal is to bring the wisdom gained in our small groups back into the entire conference community to seed dialogues and deepen our experiential journey.

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