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2006 IONS Teleseminars Audio Set

"Modern Mediumship Research" with Gary Schwartz

2006 IONS Teleseminars

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"Modern Mediumship Research" with Gary Schwartz

Visionary: Gary E. Schwartz, PhD

Have you ever wondered whether mediums - who purport to be communicating with spirits on the other side - hold up under the scrutiny of science? This teleseminar takes you to the edge of spooky science with Dr. Gary Schwartz, one of the world's leading scientific researchers of these supernatural claims. Do we survive bodily death? If so, what might the spirit realm be like?

Join Gary Schwartz and IONS Senior Scientist Dean Radin in a teleseminar discussion that answers the questions that you have always wanted to ask of a serious research scientist.

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2006 IONS Teleseminars

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