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2005 IONS Teleseminars Audio Set

"Psychosomatic Wellness" with Candace Pert (teleseminar)

2005 IONS Teleseminars

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"Psychosomatic Wellness" with Candace Pert (teleseminar)

Visionary: Candace Pert

In this teleseminar, What the Bleep? luminary Candace Pert discusses the subject of "Psychosomatic Wellness" with President/CEO of IONS Marilyn Schlitz. Dr. Pert explores the history of her turn towards a noetic worldview, the current frontiers of mindbody science, and an innovative new AIDS treatment she has developed that involves peptides, the informational substances that link body-mind and spirit. Subjects addressed include the relationship between emotions and spirituality, the placebo effect, the limits of objectivity in science, and the importance of conviviality in science. The seminar ends with a lively Q & A with sophisticated listeners.

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2005 IONS Teleseminars

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