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Psychophysical Interactions with a Double-slit Interference Pattern

Psychophysical Interactions with a Double-slit Interference Pattern

by Arnaud Delorme, PhD, James Johnston, PhD, Leena Michel, and Dean Radin, PhD

Radin D, Michel L, Johnston J, Delorme A. Physics Essays. 2013 Dec;26(4):553-566.

Previously reported experiments suggested that interference patterns generated by a double-slit optical system were perturbed by a psychophysical (i.e., mind–matter) interaction. Three new experiments were conducted to further investigate this phenomenon. The first study consisted of 50 half-hour test sessions where participants concentrated their attention-toward or -away from a double-slit system located 3 meters away. The second experiment used a duplicate double-slit system and similar test protocol, but it was conducted over the Internet by streaming data to participants’ web browsers. The third experiment used a newly designed double-slit system, a revised test protocol, and a simpler method of statistical analysis. A similar interaction effect was replicated in all three experiments.

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Publication Date:
December 2013
14 pages
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