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Whole Person Healthcare (3 volumes)

Whole Person Healthcare (3 volumes)

Edited by Ilene Serlin

Introduced by two giants in the field of medicine, David Spiegel, M.D., of Stanford University and Dean Ornish, M.D., at the University of California, these volumes show how Western and non-Western healing practices—including yoga, meditation, QiGong, art, music, and dance therapy—are being integrated with modern Western medicine and psychology, in hospitals and at nontraditional healthcare facilities. Breaking research on this growing field is featured, as are observations by healthcare professionals who say the new approaches are helping patients—and also helping professionals rediscover their ancient role as healers. Each focused, practical chapter includes a Tool Kit for Change, summarizing major treatment points from a particular perspective. Examples of training templates, funded programs, and treatment protocols are included. Prevention and lifestyle are addressed, as are cures.

With healthcare services becoming more specialized, fractured, and costly, consumers are demanding more integrative, effective treatments that address the physical, spiritual, and psychological aspects of illness and health. This whole person approach to healthcare is increasingly being offered by healthcare professionals and in facilities nationwide.

Publication Date:
August 30, 2007
1128 pages
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