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  • The Enduring Enigma of the UFO

    by Dean Radin, PhD

    Despite significant evidence that something unusual has been going on in the skies above planet Earth, serious investigation remains taboo. The result: far more questions than answers. Like psi phenomena, the topic of UFOs provides a litmus test for what we think we know—or want to.

  • A World in Transition

    by Edmund J. Bourne, PhD

    With global civilization in the throes of transition, our guiding values and assumptions about reality are in flux. In this excerpt from Global Shift, the latest title from Noetic Books, Bourne describes both the conceptual and the practical themes that characterize these fundamental changes. Also featured is an excerpt about ...

  • Why Science Needs Art

    by Jonah Lehrer

    The more we know about reality, the more palpable its paradoxes become. The author of Proust Was a Neuroscientist believes that artistic interpretations of scientific ideas and theories offer science a new lens through which to see itself while also furthering our inquiry into the nature of consciousness.

    • Articles
    • September - November 2008
    • 6 pages
  • Poetic Medicine

    A Kind of Magic

    by John Fox

    Western medicine's zealous preoccupation with technology, prescription drugs, and financial return has taken much of the healing out of health care. Citing research and his own experience with patients, poetry therapist John Fox offers another path; he shows how reading, hearing, and writing poems can be a healing catalyst ...

    • Articles
    • September - November 2008
    • 6 pages
  • Visions from the Techno-Mystic Edge

    by Kate McCallum

    Writer, producer, and "transmedia" consultant Kate McCallum surveys the mind-blowing intersection of brain science, digital technology, and the visual arts. From fractal biofeedback software to virtual-reality immersions, media makers today are crossing a threshold of creative expression as they explore new ways to engage human beings at deeper levels.

    • Articles
    • September - November 2008
    • 7 pages
  • The Wild Human

    by Bill Plotkin, PhD

    In his new book, Nature and the Human Soul, depth psychologist Bill Plotkin introduces a visionary ecopsychology of human development that reveals how fully and creatively we can mature when soul and nature guide us. The goal is to evolve from an egocentric view of ourselves and the planet to ...

  • Welcoming Soul to Our Schools

    by Rachael Kessler

    Does a child's inner life have a place in the classroom? The answer is obvious, according to educational visionary Rachael Kessler. Her "Seven Gateways" map a set of yearnings that all young people have as they try to make sense of their universe.

  • Healing the World, Healing Ourselves

    by Rabbi Michael Lerner

    The founder of Tikkun magazine wants to strengthen the connection between our hearts and how we engage with a world in need. His answer lies in cultivating a consciousness of compassion and generosity and recognizing that our own well-being depends on the well-being of everyone else on the planet.

  • From "Me" to "We"

    An IONS Community Group Transforms Itself

    by Shirley Freriks

    An IONS community group applies some of the principles of the book Living Deeply to their own transformational potential. Sharing, storytelling, and celebration anchored this process of individual and collective deepening.

  • The Mystical Impact of Near-Death Experiences

    by Bruce Greyson, MD

    Once regarded as meaningless hallucinations, near-death experiences (NDSs) have become the subject of serious study across a wide range of disciplines. Those who have had them are never the same -- and their experiences are remarkably similar.

    • Articles
    • December 2007 - February 2008
    • 6 pages

Articles: 127

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