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Why Good Things Happen to Good People

Why Good Things Happen to Good People

The Exciting New Research that Proves the Link Between Doing Good and Living a Longer, Healthier, Happier Life

by Jill Neimark and Stephen Post, PhD

  • Reviewed by The Editors on Sept. 1, 2007

    Most books on this topic discuss why bad things happen to good people, and it is a sign of the times that the focus has shifted toward the study of positive states of consciousness. Stephen Post, professor of bioethics at Case Western Reserve University and president of the Templeton Foundation–funded Institute for Research on Unlimited Love (IRUL), weaves the threads of numerous legitimate scientific studies to make a strong case that practicing such qualities as gratitude, generosity, forgiveness, and compassion—essentially putting others first—literally is good for us. Why these traits are so difficult to cultivate remains a mystery and the source of their own philosophical and psychological inquiry, but at least science is validating their beneficial impact on body and soul. Numerous self-tests are provided. Cowritten with Jill Neimark, former features editor for Psychology Today.

    Review published in Shift magazine

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