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Explorers of the Infinite

Explorers of the Infinite

The Secret Spiritual Lives of Extreme Athletes--and What They Reveal About Near-Death Experiences, Psychic Communication, and Touching the Beyond

by Maria Coffey

  • Reviewed by The Editors on March 1, 2009

    One doesn’t need to be an athlete to appreciate the depth and variety of experiences that acclaimed adventure writer and travel guide Maria Coffey captures in this unique and well-written book. Her fascination is with the experiences these risk-takers have that go beyond the exhilaration or exhaustion of extreme feats of physical challenge. For when these athletes push themselves to the razor-thin margins of survival and endurance, strange things can happen, from paranormal and near-death experiences to angel sightings and defiance of the laws of physics. As explanation, Coffey ponders the outer edges of science that IONS has long studied, as well as a wide variety of spiritual traditions and philosophies. The motivations of these athletes provide additional clues for why the boundaries between the known and unknown are breached. As one ultra-trekker put it when asked why he under-took such journeys, “Because they strip me away . . . I find out who I really am.”

    Review published in Shift magazine

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