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"Return of the Revolutionaries" with Walter Semkiw

"Return of the Revolutionaries" with Walter Semkiw

Visionary: Walter Semkiw, MD, MPH

Join Walter Semkiw, MD, author of Return of the Revolutionaries, for a teleseminar dialogue with Stephen Dinan about the frontiers of the field of reincarnation. An expanding array of objective data and compelling case studies are making the concept of reincarnation increasingly open to scientific study, with a potential to change our fundamental worldview. In this teleseminar, Walter reviews some of the most compelling lines of evidence from researchers such as Ian Stevenson, while adding case studies involving more famous people such as Picasso, Gauguin, and Anne Frank. Of special note is evidence that makes it appear that we retain similar facial features, personality traits and even writing style from lifetime to lifetime. Topics include the reincarnation of America’s founding fathers as current political leaders, potential past life matches for consciousness leaders, and the benefits and perils of using psychic sources to make matches.

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