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"Sufism and Rapid Wound Healing" with Howard Hall

"Sufism and Rapid Wound Healing" with Howard Hall

Visionary: Howard Hall

We explore the mysteries of consciousness and Howard Hall’s systematic research of Sufism and rapid wound healing for the past decade.  The question of consciousness and healing has to be put within a historical context with the medieval notion of all healing and disease being related to spiritual forces.   This was followed by the later development of modern science where the body was viewed as a machine with consciousness being an epiphenomenon and healing being a physical process.  Then came the era of mind/body healing, where consciousness was viewed as a local phenomenon, associated with healing through relaxation and mediation. Following this was non local consciousness where the Sufi work would fit.  Notions of non local healing have been around in both religious and non religious contexts throughout history, but have become more popular recently with many so called energy based non local healing traditions.  Hall’s systematic observations of Sufi rapid wound healing are explored as a physical manifestation of a robust non local healing with a “higher” consciousness at its core.

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