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"Birthing a New World" with Stanislav Grof (sample)

"Birthing a New World" with Stanislav Grof (sample)

Visionary: Stanislav Grof, MD, PhD

Voices of Vision: IONS Interviews Global Thought Leaders, Volume Two, Disc Four

This teleseminar features one of transpersonal psychology's founders and most eminent leaders, Stanislav Grof. In dialogue with host Stephen Dinan, Dr. Grof reflects on the insights that have emerged from over 40 years of non-ordinary state research into the human psyche with psychedelics and Holotropic Breathwork™. He then relates this material to dynamics we are now experiencing on the world stage, showing how unconscious perinatal material is influential in war, violence, and oppression, and is often used by political leaders. He discusses the typical and natural changes that happen in individuals who undertake a deep journey of transformation, such as a reduction of aggression, increase in compassion, a stronger ecological sensibility, and a sense of global citizenship. He also reflects on historical cycles that correlate with astrological transits and how this might color our collective journey.

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