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"Correlations, Consciousness, and the GCP" with Roger Nelson (extended Q&A)

"Correlations, Consciousness, and the GCP" with Roger Nelson (extended Q&A)

Visionary: Roger Nelson

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is a long-term experiment that extends psi research to global dimensions, looking for effects of mass consciousness. We predict that events which produce widely shared emotional reactions will register as unexpected structure in random data sequences. The GCP is associated with the Institute of Noetic Sciences, which has provided its logistical home since 1998.

We record continuous data from a network of about 65 physical random number generators distributed around the world. There should be no structure at all in these random data. Yet, we find that global events are associated with statistical deviations at special times like the celebrations of New Years, great natural disasters, and tragic events like the terror attacks on September 11, 2001. The effects are tiny but the composite result is significant with million to one odds. The structure we see is specifically related to events of importance to humans, and appears to be good evidence for meaningful interactions of consciousness with the physical world.

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