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"Consciousness and Downward Causation" with Noël Radcliffe

"Consciousness and Downward Causation" with Noël Radcliffe

Seeing Mind-Body Medicine from Another Perspective

Visionary: Noel Radcliffe, MD

Marilyn Schlitz hosts this discussion with Noël Radcliffe, MD. Meditation, yoga, qigong and other mind body practices have been shown to have profound health benefits. The question of how these practices influence the state of our body remains a mystery. Science has measured stress hormones, heart rate, brain scans and many other health measures in an effort to understand the healing effects of a mindfulness practice. The science of medicine looks to the cellular level to explain what is happening. However, there is a fundamental difference in world view between western medicine and eastern philosophy, the origin of mind body medicine. It is based on whether change happens from the cellular level (bottom up) or from the level of consciousness (top down). Is matter or consciousness the ground of all being? When we talk about mind body medicine we think of mind over matter, our minds controlling some aspect of our body. What we really should be saying is consciousness over matter. Consciousness is primary, and can directly affect changes on the brain, leading to changes in the body’s health. No matter how you measure it, finding inner peace is healthy for you.

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