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"Multidimensional, Whole-Person Medicine for the 21st Century" with Jeremy Geffen (sample)

"Multidimensional, Whole-Person Medicine for the 21st Century" with Jeremy Geffen (sample)

Visionary: Jeremy Geffen, MD, FACP

Oncologist and pioneer in integrative medicine, Dr. Jeremy Geffen, provides insights into his seven levels of healing program during this teleseminar with host Marilyn Schlitz.

He describes the first three levels as being about survival: information and education; connection with others; and viewing our physical bodies as gardens in our care. The next levels let go of the outer world and go inside: emotional healing; how our thoughts affect our bodies; and life assessment. Dr. Geffen calls the seventh level "an unabashed swan dive into non-dual consciousness." His poetic language and heartfelt tone while discussing the difficult topic of cancer, including losing his own father while he was in med school, makes this teleseminar very engaging. Marilyn often quotes Dr. Geffen's concise definition of healing, which he shares with us: "focused action and intention wrapped in the arms of surrender."

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