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"Integral Healing" with Lee Lipsenthal

"Integral Healing" with Lee Lipsenthal

Visionary: Lee Lipsenthal, MD

The concept of integral healing is grounded in integral philosophy. The central tenet of integral philosophy is that of a comprehensive view of reality. Integral healing promotes an approach embedded in the scientific dimension that epitomizes the best in modern health care, while equally recognizing that human beings possess emotional, spiritual and relational dimensions that are essential in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and the cultivation of wellness. Integral healing reconciles the long-standing split between noetic (interior) aspects of experience and the physical and objective aspects that characterize science-based medicine.

Dr. Lee Lipsenthal discusses the new integral model of healing that is emerging, and how it represents the next step in health care, as it aims to incorporate all dimensions of healing, from physical to spiritual, and ecological to cosmological. He describes how this approach takes “mind-body medicine” to the next level, one that integrates spiritual dimensions fully into our understanding of how the body works in health and illness.

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