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"Whole Person Healthcare" with Ilene Serlin

"Whole Person Healthcare" with Ilene Serlin

Visionary: Ilene Serlin

In this teleseminar Dr. Ilene Serlin, a clinical psychologist and dance/movement therapist, talks with host, Marilyn Schlitz, about an interdisciplinary collaborative health care model which is defined in the three volume book set she edited: Whole Person Healthcare. Ilene provides the historical context on the use of music and movement in the ‘backrooms’ of hospitals.  She tells of her international experience with non-verbal communication and integration of eastern and western healing practices.

The modern healthcare system is in crisis, and integrative therapies have become especially useful as ancient yet modern, cost-effective complements to traditional medical and psychotherapeutic practices. A whole person approach brings together the best of Eastern and Western evidence-based treatments from a uniquely psychological perspective that is client-centered and based on the relationship between patient and healer. This approach draws from best practices from the American Psychological Association, as well as medicine, psychiatry and pastoral counseling. Example of the approaches include meditation, yoga, prayer, qigong, chaplaincy at the bedside, death and dying, arts medicine and expressive therapies.

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