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"The Global Brain" with Howard Bloom

"The Global Brain" with Howard Bloom

Visionary: Howard Bloom

In this intellectually far-ranging teleseminar, polymath Howard Bloom explores the evolutionary process with former IONS President James O’Dea.

They begin with the Lucifer Principle, the notion that destruction, repulsion, enemies, and competitive violence are built into the fabric of Mother Nature. Our task as a species is to creatively transcend these limiting patterns at each successive stage. Competition at the level of social groupings, for instance, creates a form of intelligence or group brain competing with other social groups, eventually producing better outcomes. By accepting that polarities such as attraction and repulsion are intrinsic at every level of the cosmos, we can help to accelerate evolutionary processes and move beyond more primitive levels of interaction. As both a scientist and a humanist, Bloom draws upon concepts from biology to physics and mythology to political theory to weave a tapestry of provocative evolutionary ideas.

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